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The passion for the Perfect Coffee

We dedicate our know-how and our passion to the Quality, in order that our customers could enjoy every aroma’s shade in the coffee, accompanied by an inimitable soft cream.

We point to a green economy made up of machines built entirely in Italy, with specialized Italian labor, to create solid machines that last over times, as it was for @spresso and and that they are integrated with the Italian Techboard technology, giving so the possibility of assistance and spare parts that first of all respect all the mandatory food parameters and recycling of exhausted components.

Another target is the restoration of the old machines, which can be brought back to new condition with a few interventions, avoiding waste, CO² consumption and the production of superfluous parts.

Office Coffee Service

The service for offices, homes, shops, workshops, studios and professional environments of the advanced tertiary sector (O.C.S.) is a primary market segment for Techeateasy.

The customized services with closed system capsules and the new IOT technology inserted in the machines will allow the ad hoc management of the machine. Data monitoring and capsule counting and reordering will guarantee your office a high profile full service. Employees and customers will thus be able to personalize their coffee break.


For those who want to enjoy coffee “like at the bar” comfortably at home and for those who offer free loan services for the use of coffee machines.
For these espresso coffee lovers, it will soon be possible to customize the dispensing and temperature, thanks to the new IOT systems developed by Techboard (a reality synonymous of Italian quality and guarantee in the world of electronics).

Long or short coffee, so you decide the break!


To create an efficient coffee corner, enjoying the quality of the best Italian espresso, to add to your vending services.


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